“Utah COPA is providing our children with the tools to succeed, not just by using their talents, but by giving them the confidence they need to take on life’s challenges. With regard to the arts – the mentoring that is taking place here is second to none.” – Lawrence & JennyLynn, Parents

Fall Schedule begins August 21st
This class focuses on writing original commercial market songs and creating demos, including great melodic hooks, strong harmony, memorable lyrics and catchy rhythms. Also artist development, marketing, social media promotion, basic copyright law and publishing, then explore careers not usually apparent in the arts industries. Some contemporary theory is presented, as is actual hands-on production of the student’s best work using ProTools, Garageband and Masterwriter.

Each student will write several songs and demo 1-2 of their best songs during the year. Each student will develop an online presence consistent with their artist image, develop performing opportunities and learn how to set up a music business. This class emphasizes beginning note reading, music notation, rhythms and sight reading. It is taught using both texts and interactive computer programs. Students will learn to read and write music, do composition assignments, recognize and write chords and melodic themes and understand theory in the real world.

  • Enrollment: Open. No audition required.
  • Time Commitment: 1.5 hours per week
  • Training: Songwriting using ProTools, GarageBand and Masterwriter; music theory, studio production, and notation.


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  • Schedules and tuition for Draper: TBD
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Skills Grades Performance Opportunities Weekly Training  
  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Studio Recording
  • Music Theory
12 - 18 yrs. old
  • Winter Recital
  • 3 Masterclasses
  • Spring Showcase
1 hour
Skills Grades Performance Opportunities Weekly Training
  • Film Technique
  • Film Editing
  • Pre/Post Production
  • Storyboarding
12 - 18 yrs. old Non-performing class. 1 hour
Skills Grades Performance Opportunities Weekly Training
  • Audio Recording
  • Video Production
  • Storyboarding
12 - 18 yrs. old Non performing class. 1 hour
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