Songwriting Summer Camps

“Before, we were considering a summer workshop in either LA or NY. Then we heard about Utah COPA. We were amazed by their summer workshops. For our child to learn as many songs, choreography as they did…and then the parent performance…it was like a complete show!” – Roxanne Baldwin, Parent

Utah COPA offers workshops over the summer that allow youth to continue to develop their talents or discover an interest in the performing arts. Below is a current list of songwriter workshops for 2017.

Singer-Songwriter Camps
This camp focuses on writing original commercial market songs and creating demos, including great melodic hooks, strong harmony, memorable lyrics and catchy rhythms. Also artist development, marketing, social media promotion, basic copyright law and publishing, then explore careers not usually apparent in the arts industries. Some contemporary theory is presented, as is actual hands-on production using ProTools, Garageband and Masterwriter.

Space is limited. Enroll now.

Session Levels Date Time Cost
Session One Ages 13 to 18 7/17 - 7/21 10am to 2pm $195
Session Levels Date Time Cost
Session One Ages 13 to 18 6/19 - 6/23 10am to 2pm $195
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