COPA Begins to Open – COVID-19 Update!

Dear COPA Families,

We are excited to announce the limited opening of COPA studios in response to Governor Herbert’s latest announcement, ”We can now cautiously relax some requirements, and allow businesses that were closed to operate with safety measures in place”.  Additionally, we have received approval from the Utah County Health Department to reopen.  Lastly, we received a high percentage of positive results from the parent surveys.  With all these factors in mind, we are confident that with adherence to the safety measures, this will be a positive experience for our students. We recognize that some of our students and families may be immunocompromised and therefore, encourage those of you in this circumstance to continue to participate in your Zoom classes remotely.  

We have altered our schedule to keep fewer bodies in the building at one time.  You will be receiving an email from your Academy Director before Saturday evening with specific information for your company.  We have tried to minimize the changes in the schedule as much as possible. Additionally, some of the COPA classes will continue to be held via Zoom for the remainder of the year. 

Below we are outlining procedures and precautions COPA will be following. Please READ these carefully and completely.  


  • All parents must print and sign the COVID-19 Consent and Waiver form and send it with the student before they attend class. (Attached below).
  • Checking temperatures at the door with touchless infrared thermometers. 
  • Hand sanitizing upon entrance to the building.
  • COPA will wipe down hard surfaces with disinfectant wipes between classes.
  • Requiring all students and instructors to wear masks when less than six feet apart.
  • Enter and exit the specific door for your company (Main entrance or Black Box included in your company email).
  • Parents drop off students and wait in the car, rather than the building.
  • Drinking fountains will be closed.  We ask each student to bring their own water bottle. 
  • We are asking parents to drop off their children 5 min early to allow time to go through the checkpoints. 
  • All students who show symptoms of illness must stay home. If they come to class with symptoms they will be lovingly sent home. 
  • The break room will be closed.  If needed, please bring healthy prepackaged snacks.  There will be no access to the fridge or microwave.  Students who need to have a snack will be asked to step outside to eat.  They will need to use hand sanitizer again to re-enter the building. 


  • According to the Governor’s new ruling regarding masks, POP/MDT students who enter the building with masks, and no fever, may remove the mask after they are in their seat for their vocal rehearsals.  These classes will be held in larger studios and chairs will be set at least 6 feet apart.  Masks will be asked to be put back on as students exit the building. 
  • In choreography, we will do our best to social distance. If social distancing isn’t possible then masks will be asked to stay on.
  • Students will never be required to remove their masks. 
  • The removal of masks in class will be up to the discretion of the instructor whether or not the exercises for the class are in line with the social distancing parameters.
  • Students are welcome to bring their own latex gloves for choreography classes. 
  • We ask that students use the restroom at home prior to attending class.  If a student needs to use a restroom at COPA they are welcome of course.  Restrooms will be sanitized regularly. 
  • Parents and students are welcome to ask about any procedures regarding COVID-19. 

Please reach out with any questions you may have. 


COPA Administration

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