Dance Classes

Utah COPA Dance

"Our children have a rich and diverse experience at Utah COPA. They are being prepared to work professionally across genres of dance for stage and film."

Utah COPA’s Dance Academy creates an environment for dancers of all ages and levels to thrive. For the competitive dancer, COPA’s curriculum is current and disciplined designed to prepare technically and artistically diverse dancers. For the recreational dancer, COPA provides a fun and inviting program that promotes positive lifeskills. Dancers receive conservatory level instruction from master teachers and current industry guest artists in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, and hip hop. In addition to dance training, company members perform and learn to work in a variety of settings. COPA Dance is (Auditions not required):

  • Exceptional training in technique
  • A fun and friendly environment that inspires confidence and camaraderie
  • Faculty with degrees and professional experience
  • Modest costumes and age appropriate music
  • Competitive pricing
  • Award-winning choreography
  • Training for dance on film/camera
  • Opportunities to dance at conventions and competitions that promote growth
  • Master classes with industry professionals
  • Industry exposure for university and commercial opportunities
  • Clear communication with parents
  • Giving back to the community


Ballet Classes
Ballet is a classical style of expressive dancing based on precise conventional or codified steps. These codified steps are typically characterized as gestures, poses and movements performed with grace and fluidity. The ballet curriculum encourages principles of correct posture, placement, musicality and coordination. Ballet classes will create engaging and challenging classes for all students while adhering to guidelines appropriate for the age and development of our students. We emphasize pre-professional achievement with each level carefully crafted to provide the most comprehensive training and coaching in order to produce a high quality dance experience.

Class Offerings:

  • All levels of Ballet including pointe (7-17 yrs)

Combo Classes
This nationally ranked and award-winning curriculum is a dance immersion and appreciation class for recreational dancers for children from 2 to 6 years of age. Children receive instruction in a nurturing environment from professionally trained dance teachers that specialize in teaching young children. This curriculum specializes in the development and creativity of dancers. Through imaginative class structure, dancers will learn the foundations of dance in ballet, jazz and tap.

Class Offerings:

  • Combo Class 6-9yrs

Jazz Classes
Considered one of the only truly American art forms, Jazz dance is a type of expressive dance with its roots in Afro-American vernacular. Its style is in constant flux as the fundamental characterization is its relation to the rhythms of current or popular music. Over the years, its style has adopted many fundamental aspects of Ballet technique. Our philosophy focuses on technique, movement, strengthening and conditioning, versatility and creativity to support a balanced dance training education.

Class Offerings:

  • All levels of Jazz (7-17 yrs)

Tap Classes
Tap is a timeless, rhythm-based dance style. It is a must for professional bound dancers and most often used in musical theatre and commercial work. Tap training improves a dancers’ muscle coordination, musicality, and groundedness. And it is really fun! With a curriculum that addresses precision, intricate movements, and alternating rhythms dancers may progress through 5 levels of training.

Class Offerings:

  • All levels of Tap (7-17yrs)

Hip Hop Classes
Hip Hop dance is a broad category that includes a variety of styles deeply rooted in urban culture. As a form of dance it has become a critical form of expression and storytelling in the contemporary world today. Whether it be music videos or musical theatre with the likes of Hamilton, or TV sitcoms with Disney, Nickelodeon and So You Think You Can Dance – hip-hop dance is an important part of our curriculum.

Class Offerings:

  • Boys Hip Hop classes (5-17yrs)
  • Girls Hip Hop classes (5-17yrs)
  • Combined hip hop classes (9-17yrs)

Acro/Tumbling Classes
Tumbling training at Utah COPA is designed specifically for dancers and skills used in solo and group performance. These classes are designed around specific needs for dancers that want to add tumbling to their resume. Tumbling classes will work on connections between tumbling skills and dance steps. It is a great way to improve flexibility, range of motion, and control/understanding of the body through beautiful movement.

Class Offerings:

  • Levels 1-3 (7-17 yrs)
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