Audition Film Studio


Audition Film Studio


30 Min Self-Tape – Coach, film, and final edit delivered to you – $60

1 hour Self-Tape – Coach, film, and final edit delivered to you – $100

Film Reel (On or off Campus) – $130 per hour of filming and editing

Studio Rental – $60 per hour

This studio has been carefully crafted with the industry standard in mind. It was built to provide a place for artists to get their best work on tape. If you are looking to book your dream roles this is a good place to start. Good sound, good lighting, the correct backdrop, and the opportunity to coach your work will bring your best foot forward in all future self tape submissions.


"Chase is the best! He knows his stuff and can do it all. He's a great coach and knows how to adapt his teaching method for what his student needs. He's great at seeing you and what you need to make your performance better - whether that's a focus on technique, script-work, allowing emotion, on-camera, theater, and even mindset. He truly cares about the craft and about helping you find the path on your journey as an actor."
- Kayla Bergstrom (Hallmark, Netflix)