Pop Music Companies

"This has been one of the best experiences I have had! It has provided me with countless opportunities and connections. The company has helped me improve my vocal abilities in this genre. It has also helped me enjoy the art of contemporary music and I have grown as a performer because of it. Utah COPA has helped me do things I never thought possible!” - Britney Pay, Student

The program is geared toward students who are interested in pursuing scholastic, community and commercial opportunities that range from solo vocal artist, on stage dance and vocal productions, songwriting, media tech and scholarship opportunities at the university level in Media Music programs.

The goal of the pop music performing companies is train its performers to become recording artists, members of touring performing companies, and perform in local and major TV and film productions. Some of our students have already performed on American Idol and The Voice, on stage with David Archuleta and Kevin Olusola, and serve the community as educators, choreographers, and coaches in the performing arts.

Students participate in regular private and public performance opportunities that build confidence, performance skills, build resumes and plant seeds with important industry producers. There are four contemporary performing companies organized by age and experience.

Each student receives appropriate training, and instruction that challenges and expands ability in an environment that inspires. In order to accomplish these goals student placement is conducted through an audition process.